• Image of social media workshop (morning session)

• where: the unique space, downtown LA
• when: saturday feb 21 (10am-12pm)
• price: $189.00 U.S. dollars (plus paypal processing fees)
• class size: small

what's this social media workshop all about?

do you want to learn tricks about how to use instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest for your growing business? as freelancers, these are the outlets we use to get our name into the world. to let people know who we are and what we offer. social media can be your greatest asset and also your greatest detriment. there is a split second window to make an impact and this course will teach you how to capitalize on those tiny moments.

join us for a two hour seminar taught by bri emery, who has grown her social following to over half a million people. she will be going over all of the tricks she has learned along the way. which platforms work best for what content, how to grow your following, present your photos, promote your business in an organic way and reach your target audience. this class is open to all levels - it doesn't matter if you have 5 followers or 100,000. previous attendees of this class have experienced social growth of more than 400% in the months following the seminar.

• please note that this class is being offered at two different times, this ticket is for the morning session. all sale are final. no returns or exchanges.

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